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Seniors! It's time! The Senior Service Challenge opened on September 1!

From Sept 1 through April 30, you can log your service hours! You can't double dip and log your service hours for school but you can count your NHS hours, church volunteering, scouts volunteering, Service Week and more! 
The prize: Win a pizza party for your whole class and ownership of the traveling trophy! In addition, if you log 40+ hours individually, you can earn cords to wear at graduation REGARDLESS if our school wins.

You're able to log your hours WITHIN the two weeks you volunteered. 
 Let's do this Knights!

SSC Infographic

Link to Log Hours


Dual Credit is a way to obtain high school class credit AND college credit by taking 1 class!

At DMCHS, our options are:

  • Juniors can take US History Dual Credit with Mr. Dunham/Ivy Tech Community College and Intro to Business through Dordt University.
  • Seniors can take English 111 Advanced Composition, Into to Business and English 12 through Dordt University. Seniors can also take Medical Terminology through Trine University. In addition, seniors can take the Dual Credit option of Government with Mr. Dunham/Ivy Tech Community College. 
  • We look forward to expanding Dual Credit in future years!

To qualify for these, the school will assess your PSAT scores, ACT/SAT scores, and your GPA going into junior or senior year. ​

Seniors – college transcripts will be ready at the beginning of June. DMCHS is unable to send that along for you. If you are needing the class codes and grades unofficially beforehand, please request that information from Mrs. Rodriquez.

You must request your official transcript through the link below, “Order your Ivy Tech Transcript”. If you do not, your credits will not transfer or be evaluated for transfer to the college of your choice.

Ivy Tech Dual Credit Info

Order Ivy Tech Transcript

Transferring Credit Info


The Honors College offers a safe, personalized, affordable, virtual academic experience for Ivy Tech students.

Without leaving home, students can earn an honors diploma or certificate with credits that transfer to four-year colleges and universities.

Click here for degree and certificate information.

Honors College students have been accepted to more than 60 top U.S. universities.

View full list here.

Virtual Honors courses are intimate, and rigorous, where the focus is on dialogue, reflection, and critical thinking. Honors faculty have experience teaching in virtual classrooms since 2013.

Click here to view their course catalog.

Dedicated Honors Advisors are skilled at providing personalized advisement and transfer support within a virtual setting. Our talented team will help support you from Day 1.

Click here to meet the Honors College Team.

Learn and engage with like-minded peers in classes and during special events such as Trivia Night, Induction Ceremonies, Research Conferences, Honors Council Meetings, Honors Lounge Hours, and much more.


Guest students are welcome to apply to the Honors College for an enhanced experience while at Ivy Tech.

Click here to register for a virtual Info Session.


Interested in a career in pharmacy?

Click here to learn about the Honors College agreement with Manchester University’s Pharm-D program.


Limited Honors Program Scholarships are available. Once admitted into the Honors Program, students may apply for an Honors College scholarship.

For 2022 Program Fees, click here.

New Agreement:

Ivy Tech Honors College graduates will automatically be offered enrollment into Earlham College’s honors program.


Many promising Indiana students will now have the opportunity to take their first steps toward a Purdue degree with the new Purdue Fast Start program. Purdue’s partnership with Modern States, a philanthropy and online learning program for earning college credit, provides free courses and textbooks online plus vouchers to pay for credit bearing exams. Passing five courses, the corresponding CLEP exams, and meeting Purdue’s standard admissions requirements assures admission into Purdue. This partnership will create new opportunities for Indiana students to take giant leaps in their education with a new pathway to Purdue University.


Through the Purdue Fast Start program, students will be able to make their own giant leaps a reality by earning access to affordable, high-quality education at Purdue. To earn admission into Purdue, Indiana, students can take the Modern States online courses for free. Those who pass a minimum of five corresponding College Board CLEP exams and meet Purdue’s standard admission requirements are assured admission to Purdue and designated as Klinsky Scholars.

Make a Purdue University education even more affordable:

Complete 5 courses + pass the CLEP exams (paid for by = 15 credits, a full semester’s worth of credit at Purdue, WHICH CAN SAVE A STUDENT $11,000
Complete 10 courses + pass the CLEP exams (paid for by = 30 credits, freshman year for free at Purdue, WHICH CAN SAVE A STUDENT OVER $21,000

Learn More