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Colleges consider your:

  • Courses taken during high school
  • GPA of freshman year through your senior year, so don’t give up!
  • Class rank
  • College entrance test scores (ACT/SAT)
  • Teacher and/or counselor recommendations (ask early!)
  • Extra-curricular involvement and community service​

Deadlines for colleges and scholarships start October 1. Many colleges have deadlines of November 1.

Make sure you’re paying attention to your deadlines!

Make sure you know ahead of time if the school uses Common App or Send Edu! See Mrs. Rodriquez if you need a copy of your rank, GPA, and course list!


The interactive Learn More magazine is here! I encourage every student to check this out and complete all of the questions!

Did you know that Woody Harrelson went to Hanover College here in Indiana? Check out the newest episode on "The College Tour" available on Prime and other social media about Indiana's Hanover College!

Scholarships and Financial Aid:

Students must opt in or out for their second choice major: In the last application cycle, students could simply put down a second choice major if they wanted. This year students must opt in or out of choosing a second choice. If the student does choose to have a second choice major, they will be asked to answer the “Why Major” short answer question again. Students can explore Purdue’s majors alphabetically, by Purdue college, or by career interest at

  • November 1: Early Action application deadline
  • December 15: Deadline to submit the Supplemental Scholarship Application and FAFSA (for students who want to be considered for scholarships) 
  • January 15: Regular Decision application deadline
  • January 15: Release date for those who met the Early Action application deadline
  • March 1: Priority FAFSA deadline
  • March 31: Date by which students who met the Jan. 15 Regular Decision application deadline will have an admission decision.
  • Looking ahead: In 2024, Purdue will return to requiring the SAT or ACT test score(s) for admission consideration. Please keep this in mind as you counsel students that would start college after 2023.
  • Freshmen Admission Criteria