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Students spend designated time each week learning different art mediums, creating artwork, learning the importance of art in our culture, and expressing themselves and their God-given talent through art.


Students focus on Bible concepts and stories through a curriculum from Christian Schools International. Each year, students focus on different biblical principles and how these principles affect their daily life:

  • Kindergarten – God’s Wonders – We learn more about Creation through the parables of Jesus, as well as the meanings of Christmas, Easter, Ascension, and Pentecost.
  • First Grade – God’s Plan – Students learn about God’s plan for his people by studying Genesis 1 through the beginning of the Kings of Israel. We also learn more about Paul’s Missionary Journeys in the New Testament.
  • Second Grade – God’s Promises – We study God’s promises for His people from the book of Genesis through the book of Revelation.
  • Third Grade – Calling of God’s Tribe – Our third graders study the Old Testament from Creation through the book of Ruth.
  • Fourth Grade – Record of God’s Nation – We focus on the kings of Judah and the kingdom of Israel through the time of the exile.
  • Fifth Grade – Witness to the Gospel – Students learn about the Old Testament patriarchs, King David, King Solomon, the Judges, and the Prophets. Then they move into the New Testament and study the life of Christ, the Early Church, and the life of Paul.


Language Arts

We use the Wonders curriculum to guide our elementary students through language arts concepts including the alphabet, phonics, reading, grammar, spelling, types of literature, and comprehension skills.


Our students visit the library weekly to learn about identifying types of books and locating books within a library, and they check out books to take home to help them understand responsible library use.


Our elementary students use the Everyday Math curriculum where they explore age-appropriate math concepts such as shapes, number patterns, fractions, money, time, addition, subtraction, multiplication, and measurements.


Elementary students begin to explore musical concepts such as beat, rhythm, melody, harmony, etc. through the use of singing, playing rhythm instruments, and listening. They work on performance skills through All-School programs. Fifth graders have the opportunity to participate in beginning band and begin to learn to read music in multi-part harmony from a choral score.

Physical Education

During weekly physical education classes, students participate in activities that help them develop body awareness, balance, gross and fine motor skills, overall fitness, sportsmanship, introduction to sports, and teamwork.


The Dimensions curriculum guides our students through units about life science, earth science, physical science, the solar system, technology, forms of energy, and nutrition.

Social Studies

Our elementary students cover a wide range of topics including communities, our country’s history, continents, Native American history, geography, being a thoughtful consumer, and our government.