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Our art curriculum is often integrated with other subjects as we encourage preschoolers to use many different materials to create artwork. While creating, we focus on developing fine motor skills, following directions, and taking care of our art materials.


We introduce simple truths about God and the Bible. Preschoolers learn the importance of God caring for us, that He is our heavenly Father and Creator, and that He loves us. Bible memory, Bible stories, prayer, and all-school worship help develop their knowledge and faith.

Language Arts

Students participate in activities that help develop oral language and listening skills; these include games and ideas for reading readiness. We also focus on the beginning of writing.
Preschoolers begin to learn the basics of mathematics through problem-solving, manipulation, sorting, counting, and grouping. We use a hands-on approach to understanding math and how it orders the world around us.


Music is a wonderful expression of God’s glory. Preschoolers have the opportunity to hear a variety of music and develop a basic understanding of musical elements.

Physical Education

Through gym class, recess, and class activities, preschoolers will develop basic locomotion and coordination skills. We also learn how to develop age-appropriate, Christian responses to physical activities.


Our God has created an awe-inspiring world. Preschoolers focus on observing nature and appreciating God’s creation. We study the changing of seasons, the five senses, body parts, life cycles, and how to keep ourselves and our world clean.

Social Studies

Young children are curious about their communities. Our social studies curriculum provides opportunities for students to explore God’s place for them not only in their immediate community but also in the world at large. We also explore how our actions affect our peers and communities.