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Our students complete the typical school subjects just like any other high school, but one major difference is that each subject is taught from the perspective that Christ, who is Sovereign over all, is woven into the fabric of all of human existence. Our educational philosophy is based on the historical Reformed understanding of Scripture – that God reigns over all creation. With this in mind, we train students to learn about and become actively involved in this world. We strive to show students how their faith can influence each subject they study.

Student Support

Friendships, laughter, learning, development, fun, and memories – all words that describe the four years that make up high school. But with all the learning and growth during these years, students can also experience times of uncertainty with questions about what God has planned for their future.

To help our students navigate the path to their future, we have a full-time guidance counselor who is passionate about loving students and challenging them to discover God’s will for their lives. Being a student at DMCHS means you develop ALL areas of your life, not just the academic areas. Our guidance office is here to support students as they make decisions about their future and to be a listening ear when they need relational, social, or spiritual support.

Our guidance counselor, Mrs. Stephanie Rodriquez, is available full-time during the school year Monday through Friday. You can contact her at 219-987-7651 or

College Reps: Please email Mrs. Stephanie Rodriquez to schedule your visit to DMCHS. Thank you!

DOE Naturalization Exam

While these exams are not required for private educational institutions, students at our high school participated and 100% passed the exam. This exam is just another way we try to meet, and exceed, state standards. Below you will find information about this exam from the Department of Education.

Naturalization Examination Requirement:

Beginning with the 2021-2022 school year, public school corporations must provide the naturalization examination to students completing a U.S. Government course and report the results to IDOE in addition to posting them on their public website. The term “school corporation” is defined in IC 20-18-2-16 as “a public school corporation established by Indiana law.” As such, the reporting form allows only public high schools to report results. Non-public high schools may administer the naturalization examination and publish the results on their school website, but are not required to report the results to IDOE under the terms of this law. More information regarding IC 20-30-5-7(d), naturalization examination materials, and reporting of results can be found here. Please contact the Indiana Department of Education’s (IDOE’s) Office of Student Assessment with questions at