DeMotte Christian Schools provide a biblically-based education from a Reformed perspective and are dedicated to academic excellence, spiritual growth, and service to God and others.

Academic Excellence:
Students go out from our schools equipped with the skills and knowledge they need to positively contribute to our society and God’s kingdom.

Spiritual Growth:
Children develop spiritual maturity and a personal relationship with Christ as they study God’s Word and learn to apply their faith in everyday life.

Service to God and Others:
Students practice service to God and others beginning in preschool and continuing through 12th grade as we follow God’s call to be a light to the world.

Service Hours

Students in grades 6-8 can participate in our Students That Are Readily Serving (STARS) program. This program encourages our junior high students to serve in their communities. Students who complete at least 3 hours of a service project each quarter are recognized for their service. Those who complete twelve consecutive quarters of STARS achievement are acknowledged at the 8th Grade Banquet!

Students in grades 9-12 are required to serve 6 hours per semester in their local communities. Our communities are stronger when we work together, and service hours are a great way for our students to show God’s love to those around them!

Service Week

Each spring, the students at CCHS take a week off school to serve locally, regionally, and internationally. It is no easy task to fundraise for and coordinate this week, but it is worth it! Freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors get the opportunity to serve as a class. Their undertakings include anything from yard work in Northwest Indiana to caring for underprivileged children in Guatemala. Not only do our students strive to be a blessing to others, but they are also blessed by learning more about God’s world and His people.

Service Month

DMC students dedicate one month out of the school year to particularly emphasize service in their families, school, and community. Each class chooses a small service project to work on ranging from baking cookies for local first responders in the DeMotte community to cleaning up the school grounds. While we focus on service all year long, this month helps us clearly focus on God’s calling to serve.