The world God created is full of inspiring sight, sounds and wonders. As a response to the beauty He has created, we sing, play instruments, paint, draw, illustrate and more to communicate how we feel about the world and our Creator. At DMC, we feel the arts are important subjects in our curriculum that are needed to cultivate young minds. The arts help us expand our perspective and can be a healthy way to express our emotions. We strive to allow students to develop their gifts in the arts through the following subjects:


God has given us the gift of instruments that help us create harmony and beauty through music. We share this gift with each other and teach our children to joyfully participate in music that glorifies God. Beginning in 5th grade, DMCS students have the opportunity to participate in beginning band and can advance through the 12th grade.

Creating music as a group teaches our students that just as in our daily life, only by working together can we truly achieve unity that results in something beautiful. We learn that each instrument plays a role in a band, just as each member of the body of Christ has a purpose and role in His kingdom. Periodic performances help students learn to play in front of an audience and the importance of sharing our God-given gifts with others.


God’s people have raised their voices in songs of praise for generations. Beginning in 6th grade and on through 12th grade, our goal is equip students with the ability to praise God with the talents He has given them, to learn the difference between melody and harmony lines of music and to understand the lyrical content of what the composer wants for a message. During the course of the year, we incorporate different music styles into the song selection thereby giving students a rounded music experience.

Choir and ensemble performances give students the opportunity to share the techniques and musical knowledge they’ve learned with family, friends and their community. Our prayer is that our students glorify God through their voices and bless others in worship.


We often learn about others and the world through stories. Stories have the power to transport us, help us see the world from a different perspective and learn life lessons. Theater is a powerful medium for storytelling. Our students have the opportunity to learn the basics of theater in junior high and then advance to more complex theatrical productions in 9th through 12th grade.

Theater performances help students learn to work together and give them the opportunity to share their gifts with the community. Our CCHS students can participate in a play in the fall and/or a musical in the spring. Our theater arts teachers select scripts based on our students’ gifts and the lessons learned through the stories they tell.

Visual Arts

Beginning in preschool, our students learn that art is a powerful medium to convey the awe, beauty, and complexity of God’s creation. God is the Master Artist, and we respond to his gift of art by glorifying Him through what we create. We pray that what we create conveys God’s truth to the world.

Our goals is teaching art include helping students to develop their gifts, learn the techniques that help create truth-telling art, appreciate art history, and respect and value the art created by others