Dual Credit Opportunities

Dual Credit is a way to obtain high school class credit AND college credit by taking 1 class!

At CCHS, our options are:

  • Juniors can take US History Dual Credit with Mr. Dunham.
  • Seniors can take English 111 Advanced Composition and English 215 Rhetoric and Argument with an Ivy Tech online professor. 

To qualify for these, the school will assess your PSAT scores, ACT/SAT scores, and your GPA going into junior or senior year. ​

Seniors – YOUR Ivy Tech transcripts will be ready at the beginning of June. CCHS is unable to send that along for you. If you are needing the class codes and grades unofficially beforehand, please request that information from Mrs. Rodriquez.
You must request your official transcript through the link below, “Order your Ivy Tech Transcript”. If you do not, your credits will not transfer or be evaluated for transfer to the college of your choice.

Ivy Tech Dual Credit Info

Order Ivy Tech Transcript

Transferring Credits Info


Dual Credit Registration Form

Indiana University (IU)

Interested in attending Indiana University, but the size and culture is a bit overwhelming? Did you know they have a Christian community ministry with a full-time staff called “Christian Student Fellowship”? They even offer housing!

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Ivy Tech – Honors Program

Program Highlights:

  • Students engage in a rich academic experience and learn with like-minded peers in small, engaging honors courses.
  • Students will enter into a small cohort to interact in classes, council meetings and social events.
  • Students enhance their transcripts with honors-level coursework, and receive extensive support to navigate transferring to the four-year school of their choice.

 Ideal candidates are students who would:

  • Benefit from or be successful in honors level courses
  • Excel in a virtual learning environment
  • Have a 3.0+ GPA
  • Plan to transfer to a four-year school (AS, AA, AFA, AGS, non-health sciences)
  • Desire 1:1 career and transfer advisement
  • Students should submit both the general ITCC application and the honors application
Purdue Fast Start Program

Many promising Indiana students will now have the opportunity to take their first steps toward a Purdue degree with the new Purdue Fast Start program. Purdue’s partnership with Modern States, a philanthropy and online learning program for earning college credit, provides free courses and textbooks online plus vouchers to pay for credit bearing exams. Passing five courses, the corresponding CLEP exams, and meeting Purdue’s standard admissions requirements assures admission into Purdue. This partnership will create new opportunities for Indiana students to take giant leaps in their education with a new pathway to Purdue University.
Through the Purdue Fast Start program, students will be able to make their own giant leaps a reality by earning access to affordable, high-quality education at Purdue. To earn admission into Purdue, Indiana students can take the Modern States online courses for free. Those who pass a minimum of five corresponding College Board CLEP exams and meet Purdue’s standard admission requirements are assured admission to Purdue and designated as Klinsky Scholars.
Make a Purdue University education even more affordable:

  • FREE ONLINE COURSES AND CORRESPONDING CLEP EXAMS THROUGH MODERN STATES, covering the entire cost of the Fast Start program
  • Complete 5 courses + pass the CLEP exams (paid for by ModernStates.org) = 15 credits, a full semester’s worth of credit at Purdue, WHICH CAN SAVE A STUDENT $11,000
  • Complete 10 courses + pass the CLEP exams (paid for by ModernStates.org) = 30 credits, freshman year for free at Purdue, WHICH CAN SAVE A STUDENT OVER $21,000

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SpringHill Discovery Project

The SpringHill Discovery Project is a 9-month gap year program geared to help young adults figure out their gifts and what they might want to pursue in the future. Each month focuses on a different topic and sphere of cultural influence. Students immerse themselves in subject matter through weekly site visits, discussion, group projects, and reflection. They also volunteer, travel, and learn to live in community.

The Discovery Project is divided into seven areas of cultural influence. Each section is designed to give students hands-on experience through career shadowing, site visits, personal projects, and service opportunities. 

  • Science + Technology
  • Education
  • Arts + Entertainment
  • Family
  • Religion
  • Business
  • Government

Here are some of the things you’ll get to do if you are a part of the Discovery Project:

  • Live in community for nine months.
  • Weekly site visits – explore potential careers and ask questions to working professionals in a variety of fields  
  • Volunteer opportunities at community non-profits, schools, and events
  • Weekly Bible study sessions 
  • Individual and group projects–build a website, perform, pitch a new app idea
  • Enhance skills in writing, public speaking, debate, time management, critical thinking, personal budgeting
  • Explore the city through walking tours, museum visits, and meetings with community officials
  • Cross-cultural travel through an international service trip 
  • Option to work part-time or in an internship setting
  • Mentorship from SpringHill staff and other professionals

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Lake Geneva Pathway

“The last several months have been strange, to say the least. Not only are people asking you what your future looks like and expecting you to know, but now they are asking you to know in the midst of a pandemic.  

I want you to hear that it’s okay to not know. Truly! Take time to consider who you are outside of your parents home. Take time to consider where you want to be in the next 5 years. Take time to ask what adventure God might have for you. Take time. But don’t waste time. Be intentional with it.
Every one of our students has left Pathway with a deeper understanding of who Jesus is. They have left with more confidence in their identity in Christ. They have left more equipped in work and life skills and to be disciples that make disciples; no matter their future vocation.”

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