CCHS has moved to providing transcript ordering through Parchment. You can order and send your transcript and other credentials securely.

Students and alumni simply request a transcript and designate the academic institution, organization or individual that they would like to receive it. Users will be notified when their request is complete and can also track the status of their request or view a saved copy of their transcript.

Order Records Here

Parchment Quick Start Guide

Please note that transcripts will be free to current students.

Graduates will be charged a fee of $4.15 to be paid in the ordering process through the link above. Students become “Graduates” in Parchment terms on October 1 following their graduation. 

Parents of current students may create an account and request transcripts for “self view” for things like good student insurance discount. 

Third-party request of records may be made through Parchment for a fee. 


​It’s my hope that helping you with day-to-day tasks and big decisions leads to you to the doors ​the Lord has opened for you with confidence! ~Mrs. R

Not sure who to ask?
Mrs. Rodriquez can help with:

  • Class scheduling
  • Planning for a diploma
  • Graduation Pathways
  • College applications ​
  • Scholarships ​
  • Skill building – study skills, coping skills, etc.
  • Transcripts
  • Career planning
  • Resources ​


College and Career Days

You have been gifted four excused absences for College and Career Exploration!

Call or email the admissions office to:

  • Set up a meeting with a professor in your area(s) of interest
  • Attend classes
  • Talk with students in specific programs
  • Find out about extra-curricular opportunities during the week and on weekends
  • Check out the food situation, dorm life, chapels, etc.

Have a parent sign a College and Career Day Request Form and submit it to the CCHS office a MINIMUM of two full days prior to your visit to have your visit count as excused! You can use these days to:

  • Visit a college
  • Apply for an apprenticeship
  • Interview for a union
  • Attend a job, career, or college fair
  • Attend a job convention
  • Attend career assessment appointments

Contact Mrs. Rodriquez