​It’s my hope that helping you with day-to-day tasks and big decisions leads to you to the doors ​the Lord has opened for you with confidence! ~Mrs. R

Not sure who to ask?
Mrs. Rodriquez can help with:

  • Class scheduling
  • Planning for a diploma
  • Graduation Pathways
  • College applications ​
  • Scholarships ​
  • Skill building – study skills, coping skills, etc.
  • Transcripts
  • Career planning
  • Resources ​


College and Career Days

You have been gifted four excused absences for College and Career Exploration!

Call or email the admissions office to:

  • Set up a meeting with a professor in your area(s) of interest
  • Attend classes
  • Talk with students in specific programs
  • Find out about extra-curricular opportunities during the week and on weekends
  • Check out the food situation, dorm life, chapels, etc.

Have a parent sign a College and Career Day Request Form and submit it to the CCHS office a MINIMUM of two full days prior to your visit to have your visit count as excused! You can use these days to:

  • Visit a college
  • Apply for an apprenticeship
  • Interview for a union
  • Attend a job, career, or college fair
  • Attend a job convention
  • Attend career assessment appointments

Contact Mrs. Rodriquez