Student Life at DMCS

We know there is so much more to teach children than what we can find in books. While high academic standards are an important focus for our schools, a child needs more than academics to become a well-rounded adult. Student life at DMCS encompasses programs in the arts, music, athletics, service and academics. We feel all these areas are important as we raise God-honoring people who thoughtfully engage in their relationships and communities.



God calls us to service in I Peter 4: 10 where He says “Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others, as faithful stewards of God’s grace in its various forms.” Helping children develop gratitude for God’s grace and the desire to show His love to others is at the heart of our schools’ mission. Here are a few ways we help students learn to serve those around them and their community: service week, service month or service hours.


Providing a quality education is one of our top priorities here at DMCS. We know that a strong academic background sets up students for future success and gives them confidence to pursue their goals. We take accreditation seriously and hire professional, licensed faculty to help us promote academic excellence both at the grade school and high school levels. We pray every subject our students study opens their eyes to the wonder of the beautifully complex world God has created.


The world God created is full of inspiring sight, sounds and wonders. As a response to the beauty He has created, we sing, play instruments, paint, draw, illustrate and more to communicate how we feel about the world and our Creator. At DMC, we feel the arts are important subjects needed to cultivate young minds. It would be easy to cut out art subjects to make more room for academics, but we know the arts help us expand our perspective and can be a healthy way to express our emotions. We strive to allow students to develop their gifts in the arts through the following subjects: band, choir, theater and visual arts.


We believe that athletic programs are an integral part of a Christian Education. It is our goal to live out the truth of Christianity in every aspect of our lives, including athletics. We desire for our athletic teams to

  • Represent the Lord well
  • Learn about the Christian life through lessons learned in athletics such as communication, commitment, respect, self-control, and humility
  • Provide opportunities to strive for and achieve personal excellence and team goals
  • Grow in knowledge and understanding of how to work together in community and fellowship

We pray participation in athletics help students use the talents and abilities God has given them, to be good stewards of their talents, to learn how life lessons found in athletics impact our development as Christians and be a witness through word and example.

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