The reason we can provide quality Christian education to the DeMotte and surrounding communities is because of the generosity of people like you. We are thankful for your passion, commitment, prayers and love of DeMotte Christian Schools. Maybe you give because you remember your time here and want to bless another child with the same opportunities. Maybe it’s because you see your grandchildren growing in faith and maturity during their years in DeMotte Christian Schools.

Whatever the reason you are led to give – we are thankful for you. it’s easy and secure to give online if that is your preference.

Here are our current fundraisers:


The Foundation Fund exists to help provide financial assistance for the general fund of the schools. We are blessed to have a healthy Foundation Fund over $2 million and contributions to this fund help it grow so each year it can give even more towards tuition assistance for our DMCS families.


An important part of our day-to-day operations are made possible through our annual Carrying on the Promise Campaign which directly impacts our General Fund. Every family sees the benefit of this campaign through reduced tuition costs. Each year we prayerfully begin our campaign through a mailing to our school society explaining our campaign goals for the year. We’re excited to now offer the option to donate online as well.


Each year our Athletic Sponsorship committee seeks support for the athletic programs at DMC and CCHS. We believe that athletic programs are an integral part of a Christian Education. It is our goal to live out the truth of Christianity in every aspect of our lives, including athletics. We pray participation in athletics help students use the talents and abilities God has given them, to be good stewards of their talents, to learn how life lessons found in athletics impact our development as Christians and be a witness through word and example.


The annual Harvest Sale is our largest annual fundraiser and the proceeds help us continue our mission of Christian education in DeMotte and the surrounding communities.

Without the support of our community, we wouldn’t be where we are today – educating over 400 childred grades Pre-K – 12 and training them to go out and be an influence in God’s Kingdom. Thanks in advance for your support!


The funds raised from this event will be used to continue updating our building interiors at DMC and CCHS. Additional artwork, signage, paint, and more are part of the plan. The goal is to raise $20,000. We appreciate your support of our students!


April 22-27, 2019 is Matching Gift Week at DMCS. We have been given the opportunity to unlock a $25,000 gift if we are able to raise a matching $25,000. And YOU can help us unlock the matching gift!

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Copyright© 2019 DeMotte Christian Schools

Copyright© 2019 DeMotte Christian Schools